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Posted: November 30, 2017 in Oh, The Horror! (Fiction)

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Promo1aNow that my next collection, Fear of Free Standing Objects, has been in the hands of a professional to edit and help make it shine and now off for print format approval, I thought I’d give a little rundown of each yarn spun within. In my first collection, I wrote an “About the Story” and placed it at the end of each one… to mixed reviews. Some readers got a kick out of the insight into each tale, while others found it to be filler. I agree with both. That’s why I’m switching things up and writing about them here.

Insight into my word-worlds and more traffic to my site. Win, win.

Opening this collection is “Unfurl.” This short and sweet piece is based on a beautiful Gothic building used as a writing prompt. I wish I still had the photo because the architecture was both creepy and stunning. When I first looked at it, I was filled with a sadness and wondered what it must be like on its inside. Was it still just as beautiful or was its outer majesty masking a cruelness to those who longed to escape? This is a story about one who did.

Next up is “Osteogenesis,” a cautionary tale about surgery and what could go wrong. In 2005, I had spinal fusion surgery and, boy has life been entertaining ever since. Not as entertaining as this story, but it’s been a joyride ever since. With so much that could go wrong with such a delicate procedure and, with how little we actually understand about the back and spine, hospitals should better screen their donated biological materials before trying to revolutionize surgery.“An Incident in Central Village” is part true story and part cosmic, fucking nightmare. I’d spent time in Eastern Connecticut in my youth. My dad had lived in such places as Plainfield, Moosup, and the titular town, Central Village. It wasn’t a bad little town, but if even 1% of the craziness I put my main character through had happened for real, it’d be a much more interesting place. Remember kids, figure out which bicycle handbrake is which before rocketing down a steep road. Also, stay away from possessed cultists who want to summon demons from the bowels of the Earth.

Every so often I like to slow things down and write something quieter. The skill of writing stories with a slow burn and insidious creep-factor is a work in progress for me and I appreciate (and envy) those writers that can do it successfully. I have a fondness for ghost stories and thought I’d give one a whirl. The next piece in the collection is “Bequeathed.” I don’t quite recall the impetus for this story, but at its core, it’s a story about loss and the benefits of forgetting. Sometimes we don’t remember where we’ve come from or ordeals we’ve been through. Sometimes that’s for the best. Even something as simple as a piece of film could reveal more than you’re ready to handle.

Promo2b“Alchemy of Faith” started off just as many of my stories do—a vague idea with a catchy title. Eventually, the idea started to coalesce into something more tangible and plot driven. What if a man driven by faith was given the chance to save a civilization while forced to challenge all in which he believed? How could a single moment in time free you from a lifetime of closeminded blindness?

Based on actual experiences I once had, “The Yattering” takes you on a journey to revisit the place where the dead speak… and yearn for so much more. Death has a weight.

“Egregore” is another story in the ongoing and underlying side-saga of my fictional shadow corporation, The Collective. Every so often, they make their way into my characters’ worlds, forcing their clandestine agendas and sinister methods upon unsuspecting souls. Evil knows no bounds when a scavenger hunt for a priceless relic under the guise of a fraternity initiation ritual goes awry.

One of my oldest stories is finally getting the attention it deserves in this newest version. “The Sickening” takes place in a time and place without modern technology. Magic is only hinted at and whispered about, but is still a considered a myth. When the Sickening eradicated most life and left the world cold and barren, Torhan Ulk found himself alone and on a mission to find answers—or to die trying. If you were possibly the last of your kind, how far would you go for the peace of knowing the cold truth about the end of all things?

In “…And the Hits Just Keep on Comin’,” Jacob Wright, a hitman at the top of his game, works freelance for a powerful corporation with deep pockets—and a lot of enemies. When an off night had Jacob murder the wrong target, his life takes a drastic turn into the absurd when his past comes back to set things right. Revenge is a dish best served by the dead.

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“Lotus Petals: Liminal Personae” is, at its heart, a love story about those living with the miseries and complications of mental illness. When feeling like your body is not your own, meeting your soulmate could be the best—and the worst—thing that has ever happened to you. Be careful what you wish for because someone might just take you up on the offer.

Edson Doherty hated the 9-to-5 cubicle life, but he was always too exhausted to do much of anything else. “The Jatinga Effect” livens up his mundane existence as a powerful force singles him out for annihilation. Trapped in an office building with nothing but his fear and Russian co-worker, Bogdan, he fights to escape with his life. What had he done to incur the wrath of a vengeful sorceress bent on his destruction?

A distraught father searching for his missing daughter stumbles upon a secret society of pleasure-seeking deviants, but what he finds beneath the mountainside general store is more insane than he is prepared for. In “Sybarites (Or the Enmity of Perverse Existence),” pleasure, gratification, and lust come at a deadly price… and it’s time to appease the gods.

The Heterochromia Killer, a sadistic serial butcher, is on the loose in my original stand-alone novelette, “A Different Kind of Slumber,” re-edited for this collection. Stumping the police and leaving cryptic clues to his identity, this phantom-like killer is on a mission and Cindy Norton’s conventional detective skills are not going to be enough to solve the case and put a stop to a sadistic madman who can kill you with his dreams.

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