This Is a Test…

. . . Of The Emergency Dougcast System

If this were a real emergency . . . you’d be screwed!

Seriously, though . . .

I decided I was finally bored enough with my life and discontent with my current situation that I would make another valiant attempt at this blogging thing.  This time with more emphasis on my writing and art.  In years past I was heavy into writing, short stories and lame poetry mostly.  At least I thought the stories were pretty good, and I’m a ruthless critic with still so much more to learn.  Then the writing stopped, for whatever reason, until I joined a metal band and was left in charge of lyrical mayhem.  While that was fun and I created some interesting moments I was still not writing writing.  During a medical leave of absence, I had managed to storyboard and write a feature length screenplay.  Even though it was just a rough draft (and still kinda is 8 years later), I am still proud of that moment I was able to type “Fade Out”.  I may have cried a bit.

My point is that I miss that need, that desire to write, that urge to come and take over permanently.  I am hoping this blogging business will help even if no one actually acknowledges its existence.  Getting my name and work out there is paramount–now more than ever!  On these digital pages, past, current, and future endeavors will be posted (with severe prior scrutiny and doubt) over time for the perusal of any fine people that stumble upon this blog.  Consisting mostly of news of the Doug Rinaldi kind, excerpts from my short stories, and poetry/lyrics, there may be the occasional rant or caustic observation thrown in for laughs and such.

I’d truly appreciate any feedback or criticism; it can only make me better . . . or want to die a little inside.

That’s all I got . . . Stay tuned.

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